Link forwarding page for RIVM-reports

Reason for this page:

In september 2023 it became apparent that weekly reports on the RIVM (corona epidemiological updates) which were previously archived and as a group were accessible through a specific link, became inaccessible. The reports themselves were used as input for research and the list of references requires a static link.

This problem was communicated to the RIVM by phone and by email. The issue was still unresolved after one week and therefore the foundation Groene Rekenkamer decided to apply the following course of action to enable maximum accessibility through:

  • temporary but guaranteed prompt access to the information stored in a Cloud storage service (Mega);
  • the link will be switched to the RIVM-site once the archive location has been released.

In this way, the solution is flexible and the public is assured of access to the original documents, whether it is through salvaged reports or by direct access to the originals on the RIVM website, which is ultimately up to RIVM to decide.

Also, a link is added which uses the internet archives of